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The landscape of MYF and MYC continues to evolve to meet the needs of our players, parents, and community. The sole purpose of Madison Youth Football and Cheer is to provide the local community of Madison, CT with organized, adult-supervised, healthy youth football and cheerleading programs.  To that end, we promote three foundational principals as reflected in our new logo:


Character: Strong individual character makes strong teams; 


Team:  ‘Individual commitment to a group effort’ forges lasting relationships and produces better and more consistent results, and;


Community:  Instilling a sense of community beyond football/cheer provides greater self-awareness and a broader perspective.


Madison Youth Football
Eligible players: Grade K through 8:

MYF Tackle Division:  Grade 5 thru 8:  SYFC
Your child must be in grade 5 through 8 in the Fall the current school year.

Players in Kindergarten - grade 2 can participate in our Flag Football program. This takes place in Madison only and is not affiliated with SYFC. Players meet every Sunday for instruction and games. 
Players in grades 3-4 will particiapte in a Modified Flag Football Program.

Equipment: Each player will receive every necessary piece of equipment except for cleats, girdle pads, mouth guard, and a protective cup. Each season all of MYF’s equipment is sanitized, inspected, and reconditioned to meet all standards of safety. Player must be present when picking up equipment.
Practices: The first practice will be in August 2021. More details to follow.
During the season a conflict such as a vacation, church activity, schoolwork, or health concern may arise that forces a player to miss a practice. If there will be a conflict please notify a coach as soon as possible. 
Games are played every Sunday. Each team will play 8 regular season games with one bye week and guaranteed one playoff game with the possibility of 4 total playoff games. Home Games are played at the Surf Club Field. Away games are usually at the high school of the home team.

Madison is one of the towns that make up the Shoreline Youth Football Conference. The goal of the SYFC is to provide the largest number of pre-high school aged youth with a positive experience in the game of football. Its objectives are that the participants must have fun, should learn the values of team sports and discipline, and should learn the fundamentals of the game of football.

On March 9, 2009 the Shoreline Youth Football Conference voted in favor of adopting the American Youth Football (AYF) Conference's "All-American" format.

The All American format is a grade-based, age-protected format that has no weight restrictions. Essentially your child will play with his own classmates.